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Nedumpara’s Open Letter to Justice Kurian Joseph

NATIONAL LAWYERS’ CAMPAIGN FOR JUDICIAL TRANSPARENCY & REFORMSMobile: +91 98205 35428E. Mail: 3rd December, 2018ToHon'ble Mr. Justice Kurian Joseph ,Former Judge, Supreme Court of India,New Delhi.OPEN LETTERMAY IT PLEASE YOUR LORDSHIP: Today’s Times of India, on its front page, carried an article by Mr. Dhananjay Mohapatra, one of the illustrious legal reporters of the country, under the caption “We felt the then CJI was remote-controlled: Joseph”. Within the said main heading, there was a sub-heading titled “Ex Supreme Court Judge says minority tag hinders careers”. Under the said caption Your Lordship is reported to have said “the minority tag is a hindrance to career progression of members of the minority community and fears it could get worse”. Your Lordship has been further quoted thus: “Even if a member of the minority community has outstanding merit, he is recognized only because of his minority identity”. As someone belonging to the very same Roman Syrian Catholic community and having known Your Lordship from the day you were the student leader, Kerala University General Secretary representing the Kerala Congress (Mani Group) and not one who is totally in the darkness as to how Judges of the Kerala High Court are appointed, the pulls and strings behind it, caste and communal considerations behind it, a stark reality which cannot be denied, I am deeply pained and surprised. Your Lordship is a Judge whom I hold in the highest of esteem, love and regards as a fellow Christian and as someone who is senior [...]

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Nedumpara’s Open Letter To The Hon’ble PM, CJI, Chief Justices Of The High Courts, Members Of Parliament

MATHEWS J. NEDUMPARAPresidentNational Lawyers’ Campaign For Judicial Transparency And Reforms 12 F, A Wing, Narayan A Sawant Rd, Azad Nagar, Colaba, Mumbai 400005E-mail: Mob:982053542813.3.2021 An Open Letter To The Hon’ble Pm, Cji, Chief Justices Of The High Courts, Members Of Parliament Hon’ble Sirs and Mesdames, When Hon’ble Justice Indu Malhotra was elevated as a judge of the Supreme Court of India, the undersigned, who is only too conscious of his insignificance, had an immense sense of happiness and joy. There is yet another instance where I was extremely jubilant, that was when the NJAC bill was introduced in the Parliament. Mrs. Indu Malhotra’s appointment came shortly after we had addressed a letter asking for greater representation of women in the Supreme Court and High Courts. The NJAC bill was tabled in the House a few days after we had met the Law Minister. Both these pleasant events happened not because of us. We probably had absolutely no role at all. I mention the above two incidents because the need for appointment of judges on the basis of merit, through an open mechanism, by inviting applications and by an independent agency, so too, appointment of greater number of women, not for the sake of tokenism, but on the basis of merit, has far greater relevance today.Ten years before, when we formed the NLC and I said that Kesavananda Bharati and the so-called “basic structure theory” and the evolution of pro bono litigation into PIL and its off-shoot, the collegium, will [...]

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Are not the eminent lawyers who lament at the misery of migrant labourers ‘ravenous wolves in the clothing of a sheep’?

Mathews J NedumparaPresidentCampaign For Home For All.28.5.2020 The miseries which the millions of migrant labourers had to face with the imposition of the lockdown, so too its easing no words can adequately describe. It would wrench the hearts of even the most hardened ones. But the question is: could the governments be entirely blamed for the same even while fully accepting that there has been great shortcomings even in Kerala which has managed the Covid pandemic exceedingly well? But the question is: are not these functions falling under the exclusive province of the executive as has been rightly pointed out by Arghya Sen Gupta in his article in the Times of India today . Except for breaking news for the electronic and print media, is the Supreme court capable of handling the problem? If one were to assume it could, then do we need any elected governments? Courts orders on the so called PILs are enough for the governance of this country. Why should we have even elections and a council of ministers responsible to the legislature? Governance by elite dynasties of judges and lawyers is good enough. If it is good, then why should we be shy in accepting that "judgeocracy" is an ideal form of government. The panacea for all problems ee face, be it the management of Covid, flood, environmental degradation and everything concerning the governance can be resolved by judges taking 'suo motu' action. Many, even lawyers do not readily realize that suo motu action means [...]

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Are not collegium a synonym for nepotism?

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE COLLEGIUMMay it please Your Lordships, I have come to know from the social media that the collegium of the Supreme Court of India has recommended Chief Justice Maheswari of the Karnataka High Court and Justice Sanjeev Khanna of the Delhi High court as judges of the Supreme Court. It was further reported that justice Sanjeev Khanna is the son of Justice Khanna and nephew of the legendary Justice HR Khanna who had the courage to hold that the right to life does not stand suspended on a declaration of emergency. Justice Khanna had to pay a great price for upholding the fundamental rights and independence of judiciary, in as much as Mrs. Indira Gandhi superseded him and appointed his junior M H Beg as Chief Justice of India. I have nothing against the elevation of hon'ble justices Maheswari and Khanna as judges of the Supreme Court. But what disturbs me is that based on the doctrine of seniority which the judges 2 case has held to be sacrosanct, Justice Khanna will become the 51st Chief Justice of India after justice Chandrachud, the office which his uncle had to sacrifice to uphold the impartiality and integrity of the judiciary, in a sense nothing but poetic justice. I said I am disturbed because the elevation of Justice Khanna would reduce the Supreme court of India, literally into the 'sons court of India'. As I scribble these lines, I find on my table a book titled 'God Save [...]

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Is it true that our legal system is founded on the premise that no court can do justice? (Read the arguments notes by Shri Nedumpara in challenge of Section 14 of the SARFAESI Act)

Brevity is the soul of wit, said Shakespeare. I would therefore like to keep the instant argument note as brief as possible. I do so for more than one reason.It is a travesty of justice that today in the 21st century when even jurisdictions other than civil law and common law countries have accepted the observance of the principles of natural justice fundamental, we in India increasingly trample the very first principles.The Petitioners, MSMEs were constrained to seek a declaration at the hands of this court that Section 14 of the SARFAESI Act which empower the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate/ District Magistrate to take forceful possession of a property of a borrower as unconstitutional because in gross violation of the fundamental principle of law that it is not necessary for the legislature to expressly state in every statute that the powers conferred upon an authority ought to be exercised observing the principles of natural justice since such an obligation ought to be read into the statute, the Magistrates across the width and breadth of the country order forceful taking of possession of a borrower's property without notice to him, nay, without hearing him.The obligation to observe the principles of natural justice is as old as the very classical Roman law itself, which is one of the principal sources of common law, which is the law of the land in terms of Article 372 of the constitution.The Roman lawyers considered the failure to observe the principles of natural justice as a grave [...]

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Demolition of Maradu homes, who will tell the court that it went wrong?

Mathews J. Nedumpara I pen these few lines with great amount of pain and anguish. The Government of Kerala, in furtherance of an all party meeting convened by Shri Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala, engaged Shri Harish Salve, probably the highest paid lawyer in the country, to save 450 odd families of their homes, which were ordered to be demolished by a Bench of the Supreme Court headed by Hon'ble Shri Justice Arun Misra. The background of the case is fairly known to all. Stated in brief, the Supreme Court, in complete violation of the procedure contemplated under the Kerala Municipality Act read with the Kerala Panchayat Raj Act, appointed a Committee to report to it whether or not the CRZ-III norms are violated and ordered demolition of five world class apartment buildings within one month and report compliance. It appears that the Court failed to notice that the buildings were constructed years before and are in full occupation; that its order of demolition would render thousands homeless and that no Court is empowered to pass an order which will adversely affect those who are not party to the proceeding and, at any rate, without notice to them and without hearing them. In a situation as the instant one, where a Court has ordered demolition of five multi-storied buildings in a proceeding in which the flat owners were not parties, without notice to them and without hearing them, and the judgment thus rendered not being res judicata, not binding [...]

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“If the King was not above law, but under God and the law, the Master of the roster, the Chief Justice too is not above the law”

Mathews . J. Nedumpara 9820535428 A Division Bench of the Allahabad High Court dismissed with a cost of Rs. 20,000/- a petition by one Arun Misra as a 'party – in – person’ seeking a direction that certain Writ Petitions instituted by him shall not be listed before a particular judge. The order of the court is cryptic and it does not state what exactly is the factual matrix. All that is discernible from the order is that the petitioner had sought a direction to the Registry of the Court not to list cases filed by him before a “Particular Judge”.The order merely says that the Petition is misconceived because it is well settled that the chief justice is the master of the roster and it is his prerogative to decide by which judge or judges a case is to be heard, and therefore no direction could be issued to the Registry.Let me assume that the instant case of Arun Misra as petitioner is indeed a bad one and no order on the facts of the case could have been passed in his favor and his plea is liable to be rejected. Then also, it was imperative for the court to have stated the bare minimal facts. It appears that the Court rejected the plea of Arun Misra for the sole reason that since the Chief Justice is the master of the roster no orders could be passed as sought for. In other words, the court has absolutely no jurisdiction [...]

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There is no way to salvage our legal system unless and until we abandon the current practice of treating res judicata as precedent

Mathews J. Nedumpara98205 3542815.7.2021 There is no way to salvage our legal system unless and until we abandon the current practice of treating res judicata as precedent In this country, the distinction between the concept of res judicata and precedent is largely forgotten. As a result, a judgment of a superior court in a case between A and B, which may be erroneous but binding on the said parties, becomes binding on C and D, nay, on posterity as the law of the land. Often it is misconceived that every word of a judgment of a superior court is binding, the law of the land. Seldom is it realized that it is difficult to name even a single principle which never ever existed, which our Courts since independence have evolved, to be taken as a precedent. The common law principles which became settled law have been codified into statutes after the governance of India was taken over by the British Parliament by virtue of the Government of India Act, 1958. Statutes constitute to be the very core of our jurisprudence. A judgment may be relevant and useful for the annunciation of a principle. Precedent is a very useful concept, for what a precedent is, is a principle which a superior court has evolved where none existed for the resolution of an issue which was before it. When such a principle is repeatedly followed, it becomes a settled principle of which no deviation ought to be made unless there exist valid [...]

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Press Release issued in furtherance of the Press Conference held at the Chandigarh Press Club today at 12pm

Mathews J. Nedumpara10.7.2021 Demolition at Aravali In the PIL (Writ Petition no. 562 of 2021) instituted by 5 slumdwellers the Supreme Court ordered demolition of the shanties of the thousands of slumdwellers and to report compliance thereof within 6 weeks, and posted the case for reporting compliance on 27.7.2021. The order of the Supreme Court was one rendered void ab initio for the following reasons:a) in a Petition filed by merely 5 slumdwellers, at the best the court could have rejected the same, even with costs, but the Court had no jurisdiction to order demolition of the shanties of thousands of poor who were not before it. The court's order amounts to violation of the first principles of natural justice.b) by virtue of the notification of the Government of Haryana dated 10.2.2010 slums upto 1.4.2003 are entitled to regularisation/rehabilitation. The division bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court in WP (c) no. 19910/2014 by order dated 25.4.2016 directed that the authorities shall hear the occupants individually and that they shall be afforded an opportunity to "produce the requisite materials in support of their claim to determine their eligibility" for rehabilitation. The authorities have not afforded the people an opportunity to establish their claim by supporting evidences like electricity bill, ration card, etc. The order of the bench of Justice Khanwilkar dated 7.6.2021 directing demolition of the structures within 6 weeks and reporting compliance abrogates their legal rights. If a slumdweller is able to establish that he was in occupation [...]

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